caricaturist and illustrator jonathan cusick portfolio

Sketchbook drawings- Open Mic nights

Although primarily a painter, Jonathan enjoys the primacy of drawing; it's an Illustrator's fundamental skill. Here are a selection of sketchbook drawings of various performers at open mic nights. These drawings were made directly on location in A5 or A4 sketchbooks. Enquiries for reportage illustration or live event drawing in this style would be most interesting. If you're looking to commission a caricature of a guitarist in this style, please email.

sketchbook drawing of open mic night
sketchbook drawing of guitarist performing
sketchbook reportage drawing of singing guitarist
folk guitarist open mic sketchbook drawing
sketchbook drawing of singing guitarist, open mic night
sketchbook drawing of female singer/songwriter
sketchbook drawing from folk club
band performing at open mic night, reportage sketchbook drawing
drawing in sketchbook of an open mic performer in pencil
drawing from a folk club of guitarist
reportage drawing in sketchbook of guitarist singing
caricaturist sketchbook drawing of ukulele singer
lady singing at open mic night sketchbook drawing
reportage illustration drawing of folk singer/guitarist
sketchbook drawing of woman singing and playing guitar