sketchbook drawings by caricaturist and illustrator jonathan cusick of jazz musicians. Live performance drawing for hire

Live drawings- UK Jazz musicians

A selection of live drawings from various jazz gigs and festivals, made directly with pen in an A4 sketchbook during the performances. Part caricature, part reportage illustration, this gallery shows Jonathan's love of music and the primacy of drawing from life. He is keen to use this approach commercially and is available for all uses of live drawing. You could commission jazz illustrations for live performance drawing, or to decorate a venue's walls or windows for a promotional event. If you're a jazz musician, opportunities to draw are always gratefully appreciated.

cartoon drawing in sketchbook of jazz musician
sketchbook drawing in pen and ink by jazz illustrator jonathan cusick
sketchbook drawing by jazz illustrator of pianist Reuben James
sketchbook drawing of jazz festival musicians
drawing of gypsy jazz guitarists at Birmingham Jazz festival 2013
sketchbook drawing by cartoonist of jazz saxophonist
sketchbook drawing of asaf serkis jazz trio
reportage drawing by illustrator of jazz trombonist quartet
sketchbook drawing by jazz illustrator
sketchbook drawing of string quartet concert
jazz illustration of bassist Rex Horan by cartoonist jonathan cusick
caricature drawing of trombone quartet
sketchbook drawing of jazz concert by cartoonist
sketchbook drawing of bass clarinettist at jazz gig
sketchbook drawing of jazz pianist Neil Cowley
sketchbook drawing of jazz drummer
drawings of jazz pianist in illustrator's sketchbook
sketchbook drawing of jazz quartet by caricaturist jonathan cusick
drawing by caricaturist of jazz quartet in sketchbook
jazz caricature of guitarist phil robson
drawing of Dan Messore by jazz illustrator jonathan cusickdrawing of Jim Hart on Jazz vibes by cartoonist jonathan cusick drawing of musicians at jazz festival by jazz illustrator jonathan cusick