Commission a caricature from caricaturist and illustrator jonathan cusick

Commission a Caricature

Commission an original caricature present for departing executives, birthday gifts, bride and groom gifts. They are produced to order from quality photographs. If you're looking to commission a caricature please email to discuss your ideas informally and get a quote. Various caricature styles are offered, from pencil drawings, pen and ink, watercolour paintings, or for someone very special, acrylic paintings on canvas. Workload and timescale sometimes restricts what can be taken on, but give it a go.
Find examples of published caricature illustration and general illustration in galleries of their own.

commission a corporate caricature of executive
commissioned caricature for leaving present
ift caricature by caricature artistcaricature
commission a caricature for wedding
commissioned caricature painting for birthday gift
painted caricature commission for leaving present
caricature commission for wedding or birthday gift, ink and watercolour
caricature commission for executive leaving present- ink and watercolour
commission a Military caricature for birthday gift