Commission a caricature from caricaturist and illustrator jonathan cusick

Commission a Caricature

Are you looking to commission a caricature for an executive leaving gift? Having spent 20 years as a professional caricaturist for the likes of The Times, Radio Times etc, I can give you the same standard of original artwork. Gallery quality. Previous customers include various multinational companies, The Ashmolean Museum and many private individuals.

To cater for different budgets I offer variour styles. From pencil drawings, pen and ink, watercolour paintings, or for someone very special, acrylic or oil paintings on canvas. I'd need good quality photographs of the subject supplied by you. If you're looking to commission a caricature and would like to discuss your ideas and pricing etc, please email. My workload and your timescale sometimes restricts what can be taken on, but give it a go. I'd be happy to do what I can for you.
These are a selection of caricatures previously commissioned for private clients, executives or board members leaving or retiring. Find examples of published caricature illustration and general illustration in galleries of their own.

commission a business gift caricaturist in the UK
commission a UK caricaturist of executive for leaving present
ift caricature by caricature artistcaricature
commission a caricature for wedding
commissioned caricature painting for birthday gift
caricature commission painting of family in a boat
caricature commissioned for birthday gift- vintage mercedes and dog
caricature commissioned  for scottish customer- seafood and lobster
group carcicature of family commissioned for birthday gift
caricature commission of bride and groom for a wedding gift
sample caricature commission for leaving gift- the Ashmolean museum, Oxford
sample caricature commission for executive gift-charity by UK caricaturist jonathan cusick
Caricature gift commission for legal profession-Judge
Executive leaving gift-commission a caricature-Board of directors
commission a caricature for magistrate orlegal profession
caricature gift commission for family portrait
caricaturist commission for business gift
engagement gift caricature commission
property company caricature commission
caricature drawing commissioned by football charity leaving gift
commissioned painting by caricaturist for leaving present
caricature commission for wedding or birthday gift, ink and watercolour
caricature commission for executive leaving present- ink and watercolour
commission a caricaturist in the UK for a military gift